I am an artist from Canada.
Art has often been a refuge and a way of expressing what words could not. I studied visual art at college and discovered a passion for the shapes of the human body and specifically the human back. Decided to decorate it, I thus pursued studies in jewelry to realize at the end of my studies that I was still missing a little something. So I started studying sewing. During my studies, I was able to learn different forms of expression which led me to develop an interest in forms and colors more generally and at the same time more personal.

Throughout my studies, I also started to participate in conventions to share my passion for drawing and Japanese comics. In the beginning, I did a lot of everything and I eventually concentrated on the series that I liked most: Jojo's Bizarre Adventures and Fire Emblem. My work is therefore concentrated on a mix of these two series and original works. I also realized that I really liked to offer people the possibility of having their own characters or themselves drawn on site. This made me want to share my passion with the people around me.

Today, I still seek to grow as an artist and to share my love for drawing. I believe that there are no limits to improvement and I hope to be able to transmit my passion through a variety of illustrations during my journey.

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