All you need to know before ordering.

The request


The query is located below the drawing command menu. A request must be completed to request a drawing order and give details related to the order.

If the order has a specific time limit or any other important details it must be written in the comments of the request so that I can immediately see if it can be done.

Making the request does not guarantee that it will be accepted, Littleriyu reserves the right to refuse an order if she does not think she can guarantee its quality or if it is impossible to meet the deadlines.


Proceed with communication


Each party undertakes to maintain a respectful and professional attitude throughout the process, from the request to the delivery of the final drawing. Communications will be made by email only.


After receiving the request, Littleriyu will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the details of the order.
If there are any questions, they will be answered with pleasure.
When both parties agree on the order, the next step will be to pay for the order.


Once payment has been received, a confirmation will be sent to you and you will be notified when the order begins to be produced.


If there is any concern, questions or errors in the drawing, you are invited to write an email throughout the process. Likewise, if Littleriyu has questions during the creation of your order, she will communicate with you by email.


When the sketch of your order is made it will be sent to you for validation. This is the ideal time to have any details related to the composition of the drawing corrected / added (pose of the character, accessory, expression and others).

Once approved, the clean-up of the drawing will begin, a validation of the outline will be sent for type half body and full body drawings, this is the last moment to make corrections to the composition of the drawing.

Thereafter the final drawing will be sent to you in quality basis to validate that the colors correspond to expectations.

When the final drawing is approved the good quality version will be sent and will mark the end of the process.




Payment is made once the request has been accepted. A PayPal link will be sent to you so that you can quickly and securely pay for your order. The full amount must be paid in advance for all orders below 80$. For orders above 80$ it is possible to request to make half the payment before the sketch and the second half after it is completed. Keep in mind that making two payments slightly slows down the process and can sometimes cause another order to be finished before yours while waiting for payment.




Unless a specific deadline has been given in the comments to the request, the proposed deadlines are mainly used to indicate when you would prefer to receive your order. It is possible to send an email to change the deadlines, but a shorter deadline than that indicated at the start may not necessarily be possible and will depend on the space available in the timetable.
It is therefore important to write a specific deadline if you need the drawing for a specific reason, such as for a birthday.




A refund will be made if it is impossible for Littleriyu to finish the job. Otherwise, if the client requests reimbursement, it will be done according to the work already carried out.

Drawing not started: 100%

Sketch completed: 70%

Contour line completed: 40%

Colour done: No refund possible.


Right to the work


Customer can:

  • Use the work for a non-commercial and unprofitable purpose. Personal use only.

  • Keep the rights of the character to draw if applicable.

  • Post the drawing mentioning the artist in a visible way.


Client CANNOT:

  • Say that they are the author of the work.

  • Change the image like changing the colours.

  • Delete the artist's signature.

  • Print and sell copies of the work.

Artist can:

  • Keep the rights to the work, as being a work carried out by the artist.

  • Mentioned the client as the owner of the characters, if applicable.

  • Used the artwork to promote their work on websites like, Facebook, Deviantart or Instagram.

  • Used the artwork as an example order for other potential customers.

Artist CANNOT:

  • Sell ​​the image, whether as a poster or any other merchandise.

  • To say that the character belongs to them.