Drawing types

Visual examples are available at the bottom of the page.


*New chibi C*

The simplest chibi possible. Details are kept to a minimum for maximum cute effect.


Category A

Type A drawings are less detailed and simpler in color. It is a midpoint between the sketch and a more precise drawing. The line has a lot of personality and the reflection of light is very present.

Category B

Type B drawings are more detailed and the line is more controlled to have a more uniform appearance. The color is more complete since the shadows and lights are used in this category.

Price List


Base price includes

  • 1 character

  • 1 simple background


Chibi A

scketches mixte.jpg

Portrait A

yama demi corps.jpg

Half body B


Chibi B

commission Yorick.jpg

Portrait B


Full body A

chibi fafnir.jpg

Chibi C


Half body A


Full body B